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Everyone must wear a respirator before leaving the house to protect against Covid-19's virus and germs.

Can you get covid twice?

Dr. Browne addresses the first US case of covid twice in a calendar year and how rare it is. He also talks about the flu vaccine and if there’s an expiration date for getting your shot in time. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

equipment and glassware for test product extraction and orange color solution, in the chemistry laboratory.

Are the President’s meds available?

After President Trump tweeted that the medication used for his covid diagnosis is available to all, many lashed out about it. We wanted to know  what the possibility is for a severe covid case in Connecticut to be treated with the same treatments as the president. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Children school in medical masks play at a quarantine playground during a coronavirus pandemic

Masks for Toddlers

Dr. Browne addresses the new rule for 3-year olds in daycare centers. He says it is in line with CDC guidelines. However, if kids don’t want to wear the masks, he’s not concerned there will be an uptick in cases. Also, he talks about the chances of spreading the virus to a lot of people…Continue Reading


How Long Haulers can Recover

Dr. Browne responds to the claims about long term after effects of covid-19 for younger victims. He also gives information on how to overcome those ailments. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Syringe with medicine in the hands of a doctor in blue gloves.

Why the flu vaccine REALLY matters

Dr. Browne addresses the need for flu vaccines now more than ever during the pandemic. But also, is there a possibility the mask wearing and social distancing for covid can actually drop our flu infection rate?? Image: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Stack of Colorful Cotton Bandanas to Make Face Coverings

Debunking Covid Studies

Dr. Browne looks into recent studies surrounding covid-19. For example, are neck gaiters really ineffective? Is the news about Russia’s vaccine reliable? Is vaping causing even more young people to contract the virus? He tackles all of this and more. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Storm Damage

How Outages Impact Doctor Appointments

Dr. Fred Browne talks to listeners about what to do if the power is out but you have medical needs. Also, he gives words of wisdom about why you need to go back to the doctor even with an influx of patients at the ER right now.Continue Reading


Testing Backlog

Dr. Fred Browne talks about why we are seeing a covid-19 test backlog here and across the country. Plus, he talks about the myth behind making yourself sick from your own mask. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

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