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Mosquito-borne Illnesses

Dr. Browne did a quick check on covid numbers and hospitalizations. But separate from covid, we talked about mosquito-born illnesses. The Mosquito Management Program has begun for the summer.  State officials  will begin trapping and testing the pests for West Nile virus and EEE. The question is: will we see more confirmed cases of these…Continue Reading

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Young Vaccinated People with Heart Conditions

This week, 18 young people in Connecticut entered state hospitals for heart issues. The only common denominator news outlets have highlighted is the fact that all of these patients got the pfizer covid vaccine. Dr. Browne says the vaccine isn’t necessarily causing these heart problems. In fact, he brought light to a huge issue we…Continue Reading

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Too Soon by the CDC??

Dr. Fred Browne was as shocked as Melissa when the CDC announced last week that anyone fully vaccinated doesn’t need a mask AT ALL! Dr. Browne called it a little dramatic on their part and his fears around it. Plus, Dr. Browne addressed data surrounding pregnant women getting the covid vaccine. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty…Continue Reading

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Melissa in the Morning: Yankees Outbreak

1. Dr. Browne talks about the New York Yankees covid outbreak. All seven members got the J&J vaccine, so why was there still a surge in team cases? ((00:10)) 2. Senator Richard Blumenthal addresses measures to crack down on hacking situations like the Colonial Pipeline. ((13:25)) 3. Stephanie Swantek with the BeSafe Project talks about…Continue Reading

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Aftermath of the J&J Pause

Dr. Browne says the J&J pause may have been too drastic. He says it’s a contributing factor to the massive stockpile of the single-dose vaccine in Connecticut. And, it may have a trickling effect on other covid vaccines. Also, Dr. Browne touched on the need of getting children vaccinated as early as September.Continue Reading

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Reopenings, vaccines and long haulers

Dr. Browne reacts to breaking news that New York City plans to open up fully by July first. What does this mean with herd immunity and wearing masks? Also, the J&J vaccine is back, but was the pause even necessary? Dr. Browne says maybe not. He also touches on covid survivors possibly passing up on…Continue Reading

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Are we reaching Herd Immunity?

Dr. Browne talked about the news this week from Governor Lamont. Lamont’s office reported 61 percent of Connecticut adults are at least half vaccinated which means we are very close to herd immunity. What does that mean for a mask mandate? What does that mean for kids needing the vaccine? Also, Dr. Browne talks about…Continue Reading

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Psychological Issues with Covid

Dr. Browne reflected on a new study this week showing one in three people experience psychological and neurological issues months after surviving covid. He talks about why people are experiencing anxiety, depression and mood swings and when those symptoms will go away. Also, we get an update on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause and…Continue Reading

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Melissa in the Morning: Theories from Millennials

1. Dr. Browne addresses the biggest reasons why people in their 20’s and 30’s don’t get the vaccine and debunks false theories. ((00:00)) 2. Senator Richard Blumenthal talks about Sikorsky aircrafts, GPS problems for trucks and a call to shut down fake covid news on social media. ((16:03)) 3. Zoo Minute: It’s National Zoo Lovers…Continue Reading

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Melissa in the Morning: Lyme Disease & Covid Vaccines

1. ONLY ON WICC: Apparently people dealing with lyme are having TERRIBLE reactions to the covid vaccine…why? Dr. Browne explains. ((00:10)) 2. Sen. Blumenthal is investigating WHY the White House said nothing to elected officials about the J&J vaccine problem in Baltimore. ((07:59)) 3. Zoo Minute: The Red Panda ((15:30)) IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images…Continue Reading

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