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Doctor giving Covid vaccine to senior woman

Covid Vaccine Hotline and Visitation Rights

Dr. Browne offers another option for people 75 years and older to book an appointment for their covid vaccine. Also, there were questions about returning to normalcy…when can grandparents hug their loved ones again after getting both shots? IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Paper man surrounded by Corona Virus and economic news headlines

Covid vaccines and the new strain

Dr. Fred Browne talks about the new strain of covid. How can we really be sure the new strain isn’t already widespread and how do you test for it? Also, we learn the latest on whether covid vaccine is a one time deal or like a flu shot…once a year. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images…Continue Reading

Coronavirus Covid-19 Protection and Vaccine. Doctor drawing up solution from vaccine bottle and filling syringe injection for patient vaccination in medical clinic, Coronavirus in background

Vaccinations and people with Covid

Dr. Browne addresses the questions surrounding the covid vaccine. Some healthcare workers have only needed one dose, not two…why? And also, even if they get the vaccine, why can’t doctors travel if necessary? Dr. Browne dives into all of that plus the latest gossip being spread about the shots. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Rendering 3d vaccine medicine bottle flu vaccine anti-vaccination and covid-19

Vaccine news and future for drugs

Dr. Browne reacts to the recent Pfizer news of an effective covid vaccine. He also addresses the questions of why other vaccines haven’t appeared as quickly or at all compared to covid. And what does the future look like for getting new vaccines faster? IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Young people friends bump their elbows instead of greeting with a hug - Avoid the spread of coronavirus, social distance and friendship concept - Focus on right girl eye

Why you need to avoid gatherings

Dr. Browne looks at the uptick in covid cases in Connecticut and explains why gatherings are the biggest problem. Also, he talks about young people who get covid and have symptoms months later…why that’s not so rare and nothing to dwell on necessarily. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Woman with mask checking news on phone

Should people trust Covid Vaccines?

After news broke overseas about one of the leading companies making a covid vaccine, a lot of people have more doubts than EVER to get the covid vaccine. Dr. Browne says while the process is moving quicker than ever, there’s a great need and explains why you should consider getting it. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty…Continue Reading

Everyone must wear a respirator before leaving the house to protect against Covid-19's virus and germs.

Can you get covid twice?

Dr. Browne addresses the first US case of covid twice in a calendar year and how rare it is. He also talks about the flu vaccine and if there’s an expiration date for getting your shot in time. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

equipment and glassware for test product extraction and orange color solution, in the chemistry laboratory.

Are the President’s meds available?

After President Trump tweeted that the medication used for his covid diagnosis is available to all, many lashed out about it. We wanted to know  what the possibility is for a severe covid case in Connecticut to be treated with the same treatments as the president. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

Children school in medical masks play at a quarantine playground during a coronavirus pandemic

Masks for Toddlers

Dr. Browne addresses the new rule for 3-year olds in daycare centers. He says it is in line with CDC guidelines. However, if kids don’t want to wear the masks, he’s not concerned there will be an uptick in cases. Also, he talks about the chances of spreading the virus to a lot of people…Continue Reading


How Long Haulers can Recover

Dr. Browne responds to the claims about long term after effects of covid-19 for younger victims. He also gives information on how to overcome those ailments. IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images PlusContinue Reading

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