Melissa In The Morning: Fighting The Cost Of Health Insurance

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Melissa In The Morning: Fighting The Cost Of Health Insurance

Jury deliberations are set to begin today in the trial of Michelle Troconis. The trial has been going on for weeks and it looks at Troconis who has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence and hindering the prosecution in connection to the disappearance and death of Jennifer Farber Dulos back in May 2019. What will the jury decide? And what happens next in the case? We got perspective from our legal expert, Attorney Bill Bloss. (NOTE: Atty Bloss is NOT involved in the Troconis case and the Dulos case) (0:00)

Happening today in the state capital: a public hearing regarding health insurance costs. As you are probably experiencing, affording health care coverage continues to be a real challenge. Senate Republicans believe they have a commonsense bill to provide a lot of relief to Connecticut residents. Ranking Senator on the Insurance Committee, Tony Hwang, explains the bill and why we are in this situation in Connecticut. (16:54)

Julie on the Job: A new report highlights that employers overwhelmingly care most about YOUR skill set. But how do we communicate our skills in the best way during an interview? Julie Bauke gave us advice. (33:38)

This is the time of year that more and more Americans struggle with the feeling of failure. Why does that happen and how do we cope with those intrusive thoughts? Counselor, Julius Dudics shared insight and mechanisms to overcome the fear of failing. (46:23)

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