Melissa In The Morning: Eyes Up, Phones Away

An occupied small school boy with smartphone sitting at the desk in classroom, playing. A danger of addiction.

Melissa In The Morning: Eyes Up, Phones Away

Should smartphones be eliminated in Connecticut classrooms? A pilot program to nix smartphones from certain middle schools, including in Stamford, is set to roll out next school year. Senator Ryan Fazio is behind that move and explains what lawmakers are looking to accomplish. (0:00)

We do a deep dive into absentee balloting with CT Mirror investigative reporter, Andrew Brown. Find out what he has uncovered in the last few months following all the drama surrounding the Bridgeport mayoral race. (14:00)

Recent national studies show Connecticut isn’t making the grade with elder care options. One of the reasons it ranked so low is because people don’t really know the options on the table. We spoke with CarePatrol CT to learn how you can get advice and advocacy from a senior care agent FOR FREE. Advisor, Chris Curran, explains. (29:23)

In a recent national study, hundreds of families over two decades were asked about toxic in-laws and their impact on marriages. The results showed more than 60 percent of women reported that their female in-laws caused long-term unhappiness and stress in their relationships. Counselor Julius Dudics shared how we can better handle difficult in-laws in a healthy way. (44:42)

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