Melissa In The Morning: On The Docket

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Melissa In The Morning: On The Docket

Should Connecticut adopt an electric vehicle mandate? We ask auto expert, Paul Miller, about the findings from automakers and dealerships here and across the country. (0:00)

Should Connecticut expand the paid sick leave program to all companies, no matter how many employees are on the team? It may sound like a slam dunk idea but is that the case? CBIA’s Ashley Zane shares why this could be a disaster, especially for small businesses. (14:19)

Keeping those fiscal guardrails in place is a battle right now in Hartford. What does that actually mean and is there an alternative to messing with the guardrails? We spoke with Comptroller, Sean Scanlon, to hear his ideas to reach a compromise. (29:32)

We still have a housing crisis in Connecticut, so what is already on the books and what could happen during the session to improve the issue? We spoke with CT169Strong founders, Alexis Harrison and Maria Weingarten. (43:20)

A piece of legislation is being discussed in Hartford during this legislative session. The bill focuses on pay for hospitality workers. A national coalition, One Fair Wage, says this legislation needs approval, while the Connecticut Restaurant Association reports the potential law would destroy wait staff and bartenders. Hear both sides of the argument right here featuring: Saru Jayaraman, President of One Fair Wage (56:05) & Scott Dolch, President and CEO of CT Restaurant Association. (1:09:27).

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