Melissa In The Morning: Bi-Partisan For Heart

Cardiogram pulse trace and heart concept for cardiovascular medical exam

Melissa In The Morning: Bi-Partisan For Heart

The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is a national, non-profit charitable organization committed to raising money to support a broad range of programs that meet community needs, including emergency response personnel. This year, we found an entry very close to home at the top of the list for the foundation’s K9 grant. We met Easton police officer Tamra French and K9 TJ to learn why they applied for the money and the importance of supporting K9 officers. (0:00)

A group of bi-partisan lawmakers have proposed legislation that would force private health insurers to cover a non-invasive heart test. Senator Heather Somers explained the proposal and why it matters to all Connecticut residents. (14:52)

Have you ever heard of State Street Debating? It’s a group that was founded in 1947 that provides financial support to local high schoolers. We heard from Mike Cacace, chairman of State Street Debating, to learn more. (28:14)

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