Melissa In The Morning: What’s Up With Tickets?

A police office on the side of the road as he writes a ticket.

Melissa In The Morning: What’s Up With Tickets?

The investigation into thousands of possibly falsified traffic tickets by State Police has found no evidence of widespread misconduct. The investigation by a former federal prosecutor has found that sloppy record keeping, poor training and unintentional errors led to the issues. We spoke with the executive director of The Connecticut State Police Union, Andy Matthews, for reaction and goals moving forward. (0:00)

Earlier this week, transportation experts and state leaders had a panel discussion surrounding train travel in Connecticut. The Department of Transportation was also in that meeting. Josh Morgan with the DOT stopped by to talk about upgrades to the rails and also talked about highway safety in the state. (15:45)

Congressman Jim Himes shared the latest on the tax relief bill getting strong bi-partisan support in the House. Plus, we discussed the issue of gun control and mental health investments while watching the Crumbley trial unfold nationally. (31:06).

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