Melissa In The Morning: Ansonia’s Combat On Blight

The abandoned village of doel, besides the nuclear power plant in antwerp, belgium.

Melissa In The Morning: Ansonia’s Combat On Blight

Easton EMS is getting a huge helping hand from the state when it comes to its aging building. We hear from Jon Arnold about the bond money and get an updated timeline for a new and improved EMS building. (0:00)

Blight properties can decrease appeal for people to want to move to or stay in a city. Ansonia has made it a priority to attack blight properties. Mayor David Cassetti explained the Access Ansonia app and how residents are making a difference right in the palm of their hands. (14:11)

Change is inevitable but it can be hard to embrace. Counselor, Julius Dudics, shares why change is so difficult for people and ways to cope with change better. (23:32)

Julie on the Job: A story by The Wall Street Journal notes that remote workers are more likely to be laid off. Julie Bauke answers the question: does this mean workers should think twice before taking a fully remote job and can remote workers do anything to avoid being laid off? (42:46).

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