Melissa In The Morning: Ring Around And Find Out

A man presses the button on a "Ring" internet video door-bell from

Melissa In The Morning: Ring Around And Find Out

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season but is the mission still being fulfilled for the girls’ learning skills through selling treats? We asked Diana Mahoney, CEO of Girls Scouts of Connecticut about the changes in cookie selling and tactics in teaching young girls these business skills. (0:00)

Crime on the Mind: Amazon-owned Ring is taking police “out of the equation” with their Neighbors App. Jim Perez shares both sides of the story and what it means for crime prevention. (13:11)

Crisis averted…for now. The special session over electric vehicles is not happening this week. Senator Kevin Kelly weighs in on the debate. Plus, he discusses the latest attempt to help more Connecticut families pay for heating this winter. (27:56)

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