Melissa In The Morning: A “Social” Issue

Shanghai,China-July 30th 2023: X (new Twitter), Threads, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp. Douyin(TikTok) and Sina Weibo app icons. Assorted online social media software brands

Melissa In The Morning: A “Social” Issue

Wildlife trafficking in Connecticut is happening and many store owners DON’T EVEN REALIZE IT! Find out what was uncovered thanks to The Humane Society of the United States in a recent investigation and what lawmakers are being called to do now. (0:00)

A historic Connecticut church collapsed to the ground and an investigation is underway. But we got perspective on building collapses from engineering professor Pricilla Fonseca from Quinnipiac University. (15:44)

Florida’s House of Representatives passed legislation that would force social media platforms to delete profiles for anyone under 16 and ban them from use. We got perspective from our social media consultant, Krista Carnes. She weigh in on whether this potential law will make a difference, how logical is it, should CT follow suit, does it go too far and more. (23:50)

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