Melissa In The Morning: Are We Too Lax On Our Ballots?

Melissa In The Morning: Are We Too Lax On Our Ballots?

‘Supermassive Mother of all Breaches’ – that’s quite a headline! Quinnipiac University professor, Fred Scholl, joins us to talk about the relevance of these breaches, the role of criminal gangs and how we can better protect ourselves in the event of a breach. (0:00)

Are we too lax with our absentee ballots? After what happened in Bridgeport regarding ballot harvesting and fraud, should there be more efforts to encourage people to vote in person, especially during a presidential election year? We spoke in depth about this with Senator Richard Blumenthal. (9:41)

Zoo Minute: Gregg Dancho is in Texas at an AZA Conference and one item on the agenda really triggered listeners. Find out what’s being discussed in regards to surrendered animals and an update on the aftermath of Seaquest in Trumbull. (21:03)

Tonight is your chance to talk all about snowy owls! We spoke with Rebecca McCabe, leading the online presentation tonight thanks to Connecticut Audubon Society.(36:24)

Image Credit: Reuters