Melissa In The Morning: Saving Those Who Save Us

Firefighters battle a roaring blaze. 2 fire hoses shooting water.

Melissa In The Morning: Saving Those Who Save Us

A new law is now in effect to compensate firefighters who get diagnosed with cancer from their work. But does the law go far enough? Who qualifies for it? And does it address the real problem at hand which is eliminating the risks of getting cancer for firefighters? We spoke with Pete Brown, President of Uniformed Professional Firefighters Association of Connecticut, and Fairfield firefighter, Caitlin Pereira about all of this. (0:00)

On January 23rd, the Planning & Zoning Commission will be discussing whether the town of Fairfield should have marijuana stores. Find out why The Fairfield CARES Community Coalition is saying NO to the idea and asking people to speak up about this when it comes to impacting the youth. (17:38)

A recent article shared that nearly 40 percent of jobs around the world could be affected by artificial intelligence. We spoke with our AI expert, Dr. Vahid Behzadan, about the findings and he says this is “a bit optimistic.” Find out why he says that and what the information could mean for the future of education. (35:17)

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