Melissa In The Morning: Light Pollution, Not Just For The Birds

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Melissa In The Morning: Light Pollution, Not Just For The Birds

Up to one billion birds die each year in the U.S. as a result of collisions with glass. The problem is made worse by increasing light pollution. We spoke with Meredith Barges, co-chair of Lights Out Connecticut, about ways to help stop window strikes for bird populations. (0:00)

Science you may not Know: This year, 2024, will see a very rare event as two periodical cicada broods will emerge at the same time. What are cicadas? Will we see this historic emergence in Connecticut? Why has it been more than 220 years since the last time this happened? David Mestre explains. (18:05)

Construction has begun on the major housing component of the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment in Bridgeport. The August at Steelpointe Harbor will include 420 apartments, ten thousand square feet of retail space and a large parking garage. Nearly all of the apartments will be one or two bedrooms, with a small number of studios and three bedroom units. We got more details from Dan Onofrio from the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. (28:51)

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