Melissa In The Morning: A Look In At Stamford

View of downtown Stamford - Stamford, Connecticut

Melissa In The Morning: A Look In At Stamford

We are one week out from the Bridgeport primary redo for the mayoral race. Before people head to the polls, we spoke with Secretary of State Stephanie Thomas. Find out what you need to know before January 23rd and what this election process means for voting in Connecticut during the presidential election year. (0:00)

Stamford public schools has a budget with a more than six percent increase, but it means dozens of staff cuts. We spoke with Mayor Caroline Simmons about the budget proposal and got the latest on updates to the Stamford Train Station. (15:37)

A recent blog shared statistics about cluttered homes. It found that a quarter of Americans have so much stuff in their garages that they cannot park a car inside. And data shows that 80% of items in a person’s home are never used. We spoke with counselor, Julius Dudics, about why people struggle to let go of stuff and how to do it more effectively. (24:28)

Julie on the Job: A new report shows nearly 4 in 10 employers avoid hiring college grads for older workers instead. What does that mean for YOU in the workplace? (39:18)

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