Melissa In The Morning: Winter Blues And Rainy Headaches

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Melissa In The Morning: Winter Blues And Rainy Headaches

It’s uncomfortable, it’s downright awful, and I guarantee you don’t want to talk about it. But we have to. January is Human Trafficking Prevention month. We continue our conversation today discussing this issue here in our state and how we can educate ourselves and our kids about the dangers of trafficking. Sarah Malhotry, Director of Education at The Rowan Center in Stamford, talked about the curriculum being taught in schools for students, parents and teachers to address this. (0:00)

Maybe you loved seeing the recent snowfall this past weekend. But for some, the weather change triggered instant depression. How do we manage the winter blues? We asked counselor Julius Dudics. (16:00)

Ahead of another rain storm, we want you to be prepared for flooding in your home. Tri-City joined us with tips to mitigate a flooding situation and ways to protect your home during storms. (31:45)

Julie on the Job: if remote workers are not getting promoted, what should you do? Julie Bauke weighs the debate of sacrificing happiness to make more money depending on where you get your work done. (45:47)

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