Melissa In The Morning: Alex Jones Is Back On X

Melissa In The Morning: Alex Jones Is Back On X

More and more places of worship are at risk of attacks. Connecticut has released five million dollars to help facilities heighten security measures. Sen. Tony Hwang, Ranking Senator on the Bonding Subcommittee of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, explained how the money can help and who can benefit from it. Here’s a link to the application information (0:00):

Elon Musk reinstated Alex Jones on X, formerly known as Twitter, after close to two-million users voted in favor of the decision. What does this mean for spreading fake news and deciphering what’s real online? We spoke with Professor Bill Yousman, who teaches media and communications at Sacred Heart University, to get perspective on the change and its impact. (14:17)

Implicit bias is within all of us because of all the information we take since the moment we are born. It doesn’t mean we can’t retrain the brain to think about people or roles in a different way. Jody Walker Smith with The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities shared how to combat implicit bias. (30:02)

SCAM ALERT: Gift cards! Crime prevention expert, Jim Perez, explained this repeat scam and how fraudsters have gotten even trickier! (42:48)

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