Melissa In The Morning: True Blue Heroes

Melissa In The Morning: True Blue Heroes

Local author and volunteer firefighter, Paul Albert, created a new book honoring law enforcement and remembering two of our own. In the children’s book ‘True Blue Heroes,’ find out how Lt. Dustin DeMonte and Sgt. Alex Hamzy are remembered and the lesson behind respecting those in uniform. To pre-order the book:


Crime on the Mind: How do I handle a street takeover if I’m caught in one? Jim Perez shares why you should invest in dashboard cameras and how to keep from engaging with suspects.


Fairfield residents are outraged after college students trashed Penfield Beach after a Santacon party. We asked First Selectman Bill Gerber what action comes next for the students responsible.


December 10th marked the 75th anniversary of Human Rights Day. But as a society, are we falling short of respecting people no matter what? We spoke in length with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.