Melissa In The Morning: Return To Toyland

Melissa In The Morning: Return To Toyland

An unknown and potentially deadly contagious canine respiratory illness has now been detected in dogs in 14 states, including Connecticut. Fairfield veterinarian, Dr. John Kristy, shares more on this mysterious illness, which dogs are more at risk and what dog owners need to look out for. (0:00)

As you know, Governor Lamont nixed the vote on an electric vehicle mandate proposal this week. So, what did the committee talk about instead and what does this mean for the 2024 legislative session? We asked Senator Kevin Kelly of Stratford, who’s one of the fourteen members on the bi-partisan committee. (7:51)

Science you may not Know: missing cicadas in Connecticut. David Mestre explains the mystery surrounding this insect and how Connecticut is responding. (23:32)

Toy stores are thriving despite online shopping trends. How is that possible? We asked Dan Onofrio from the BRBC about that. And we talked about changing the date for Giving Tuesday to better benefit non-profits in Connecticut. (38:07)

Image Credit: Reuters