Melissa In The Morning: The 16-Day Challenge

Domestic Violence. Unrecognizable African American Man Threatening Wife And Daughter With His Fist, Scared Mother Embracing Little Girl While Sitting Together On Couch, Selective Focus On Male Hand

Melissa In The Morning: The 16-Day Challenge

There is an EMS worker shortage here and across the country. In fact, a federal study projected a need for 40,000 more full-time emergency medical personnel from 2016 to 2030. We checked in with Easton Volunteer EMS to hear about worker qualifications and got an update on the New Building Project. (0:00)

We are in the midst of a 16-day challenge addressing domestic violence. Deb Greenwood from the Center for Family Justice shared statistics on the problem in our state and shared how you can be part of the solution. (15:46)

Julie on the Job: What should workers do if management refuses to stop widespread harassment and misogynist behavior in the workplace? (31:13)

“Why you gotta be so rude?” Rudeness is a problem in our society and we want to curb that problem. Counselor, Julius Dudics, shares the impact of practicing humility. (43:54).

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