Melissa In The Morning: Avoiding That Thanksgiving Throwdown

Teenage Family Having Argument Whilst Eating Lunch Together In Kitchen Sitting At Table Angry

Melissa In The Morning: Avoiding That Thanksgiving Throwdown

The Great American Vape Out is a different take on the annual Smoke Out set for this Thursday. We spoke with Fairfield CARES about this new campaign and the focus on vaping, especially with teens. (0:00)

Data of more than 100 thousand Connecticut patients was stolen in a cyberattack on hospitals in Waterbury, Manchester and Vernon. The attack on Prospect Medical Holdings resulted in data stolen, including patient addresses, dates of birth, diagnosis and treatment plans, lab results and financial information. Our cybersecurity expert explained why hospitals should invest in full-time cyber experts to detect issues before it’s too late. (9:11)

Ahead of Thanksgiving, how do we live with a grateful heart? Counselor, Julius Dudics, shares perspective in practicing gratitude. He also gave us tips on handling difficult family members around the Thanksgiving table this week. (25:12)

Julie on the Job: Why are younger workers hesitant to become managers? Career strategist, Julie Bauke, shared a new survey’s findings and why more workers are concerned with their personal lives than making more money. (43:10)

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