Melissa In The Morning: For The Birds

The grey plover, known as the black-bellied plover in North America, is a medium-sized plover breeding in Arctic regions. It is a long-distance migrant, with a nearly worldwide coastal distribution when not breeding. The genus name is Latin and means relating to rain, from pluvia, "rain".

Melissa In The Morning: For The Birds

Beware of imposter scams regarding your energy provider. Jared Lawrence with Eversource shared what fraudsters are doing, what you need to be aware of and the purpose of Utilities United Against Scams. For more information: (0:00)

Were there bullying tactics used in the Fairfield first selectman race? We spoke about the division that seems deep in Fairfield with newly elected Bill Gerber and whether alleged nasty campaigning was going leading up to Election Day. (9:35)

Bird lovers will be excited about this story! According to the Connecticut Audubon Society, the oldest black-bellied plover in the Western Hemisphere on record, was found in Milford! Tom Anderson shares the story in depth and what it means for bird populations in Connecticut. (31:08).

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