Melissa In The Morning: Supporting Our Veterans

closeup of a rusty dog tag with the text thank you veterans engraved in it, next to a flag of the United States, on a rustic wooden surface

Melissa In The Morning: Supporting Our Veterans

EMDR is a therapy that can help veterans and first responders overcome PTSD and better handle triggers. Susan Marcus with Fairfield County Trauma Response Team shared how this resource makes a difference for men and women after and during service and how it works. (0:00)

A Newtown farm is being used to help veterans with equine therapy. We met the co-founder of the local non-profit, Havenfort, to learn the work that they do for local vets and why horses are proven to help many deal with PTSD. (14:39)

What started as a response following the 9/11 tragedy has now become a non-profit that supports veterans in need of outfitted vehicles. We heard from Laurie Hollander, co-founder and president of Help Our Military Heroes, about the organization and what your money is supporting. (28:32)

As we continue to share resources for veterans across Connecticut, we featured Homes for the Brave and its 20+ years of service and housing for southern Connecticut vets. (44:40)

A new veterans and first responders center is about one-million dollars short from breaking ground in Trumbull. We spoke with the lead committee member behind the project, Raymond Baldwin Jr., about what this center will do for many and why in Trumbull. (55:41).

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