Melissa In The Morning: Defining Wrong Termination

Documents Of Unfair Dismissal With Gavel And Pen On Wooden Desk In A Courtroom

Melissa In The Morning: Defining Wrong Termination

The clocks are rolling back Sunday, November 5th. Are you ready to take control of your sleep schedule? Sleep medicine Dr. Steven Thau shared tips on good sleeping habits and why it matters to get enough hours in every night. (0:00)

Scam Alert: Don’t be duped by scammers cashing in on the aftermath of the Maine mass shootings. The BBB shares tips for you to keep your money safe while supporting victims. (18:57)

What is wrongful termination? According to recent data, 90% of people don’t define it correctly and attorneys are overrun with weak cases that won’t stand up in court. Employment attorney, Gary Phelan, gives us a definition and discusses the impact of toxic workplaces. (27:55)

Are you self-fish or self-less in your marriage? Marriage coach, Bob Donovan, explains the difference between the two and how you can veer away from being self-centered to self-giving. (41:16)

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