Melissa In The Morning: Connecticut In Space!

Space Shuttle In Space. 3D Scene. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Melissa In The Morning: Connecticut In Space!

Have you heard of Matthew Ramos-Soto? If not, that’s good, but his story is a reminder about grandparent scams. Learn about this national story from the Better Business Bureau and what to do to protect yourselves from these scams. (0:00)

As it gets colder outside, the heat goes up inside. But instead of only worrying about your energy bills, what about avoiding house fires? We spoke with Bridgeport Fire Chief Lance Edwards about fire safety, smoke detectors and having a fire escape plan. (7:36)

As we near closer to the general election, we are focused on local races, including the Milford mayoral race. We met Republican candidate, Tony Giannattasio, to hear his vision for Milford if elected to be the next mayor. (20:49)

Science you may not Know: why astronauts owe Connecticut a BIG thank you! (37:11)

Image Credit: Getty Images