Melissa In The Morning: For Your Health And Wellness

Shot in June 2007.

Melissa In The Morning: For Your Health And Wellness

Are you worried about lithium-ion battery fires? Hear from a Connecticut company that has cracked the case combatting these fires from cell phone batteries to an electric car battery. (0:00)

Lower back pain is far too common for many. Nuvance Health, which operates Norwalk and Danbury Hospitals, is the first in Connecticut to perform new spine surgery. Learn about it from neurosurgeon Dr. Joshua Marcus and who qualifies. (9:00)

Prostate Cancer continues to be one of the most common cancers in men. National statistics show 13 percent of American men will get prostate cancer. Find out about the latest minimally invasive procedure for enlarged prostate from Hartford Healthcare. (18:13)

Kindness is scientifically proven to help people’s health but also help society. But in a cruel world, how do we muster up kindness and show it to people who we may not think deserve it? Counselor, Julius Dudics, shares his perspective on the impact of kindness and why seeking professional help. (28:05)

Are you career happy? Career strategist, Julie Bauke, outlines the definition of career happiness and the four legs of the chair to keep you standing at work. (39:32)

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