Melissa In The Morning: A Scary New World

Terrorist in city street

Melissa In The Morning: A Scary New World

How do you feel walking into a business and seeing their political views plastered in the front window? It’s becoming more and more common, and we want to know if it’s appropriate. Employment attorney, Gary Phelan, gave us the laws on the book protecting companies of free speech, but shared his professional opinion on the matter. (0:00)

Voter turnout is much lower during local election years. So, we are focusing on the races and candidates running this year. In Milford, we met the democratic candidate for mayor, Kerri Rowland. Hear about her vision for Milford, including plans for affordable housing, increasing police personnel and handling school matters. (14:18)

Terrorism makes most people think of 9/11 or what we see in the news overseas. But how likely are we, here in Connecticut, to be in a terrorism situation soon? Retired Lt. Jim Perez talked about the reality of it in our state and how we need to be thinking about it. (29:55)

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