Melissa In The Morning: A Look At A Few Fairfield Races

Round button with detailed map of Fairfield County in Connecticut, USA.

Melissa In The Morning: A Look At A Few Fairfield Races

Despite the controversy surrounding them, red light cameras got the green light here in Connecticut. What do you need to know about the optional cameras for your town or city? Josh Morgan with the CT Dept. of Transportation shared information and why people need to show up to municipal public hearings on this. (0:00)

Local elections see very low voter turnout. In an effort to boost voter turnout numbers, we are informing voters about the candidates running for major races in our listening area. We focused on the Fairfield First Selectman race. Democratic candidate, Bill Gerber, introduced himself to the audience and shared his vision for the town if he unseats the incumbent (13:58). And we heard from Republican First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick about her time in office handling the town’s fill pile scandal and her goals if she’s reelected. (28:36)

Last week, we heard from the Republican candidate running for Trumbull first selectman and his model of doing politics with people on all sides of the aisle. Today, we heard from the incumbent, Vicki Tesoro. She talked about her time in office and her goals for Trumbull if she’s reelected. (44:17)

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