Melissa In The Morning: Anger Management

Melissa In The Morning: Anger Management

National statistics show 10% of Americans have trouble controlling their own anger. 25% worry about how angry they sometimes feel. 20% have ended a relationship or friendship with someone because of their anger. 60% agree that people in general are getting angrier. Counselor, Julius Dudics, gave us insight on anger management and tips on keeping your cool when you’re triggered. (0:00)

This week is Teen Driving Awareness Week. AAA’s Alec Slatky shared what ALL drivers should be thinking about, regardless of age. Plus, he talked about the massive uptick in deer strikes on roadways. Find out what you can do to protect yourselves. (16:13)

Is the middleman manager at your workplace feeling the pinch? Or is the middleman manager feeling insignificant? In either case, we need to help these roles adjust. We asked Julie Bauke about it during Julie on the Job. (30:41)

Students at University of Bridgeport have launched a new business. It’s called Purple Knights Coffee Company. Find out from the company president and CEO, Shiv, all about the product. Also, hear from the business professor, Tim Raynor, where the idea of a student-run business came from and the goal of it. (43:39).

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