Melissa in the Morning: Beware of “Sliders”

Car thief opening stolen car doors. Car thief, car theft

Melissa in the Morning: Beware of “Sliders”

1. “Sliders” are targeting drivers across the nation and you need to protect yourself! What is a slider and how do I make myself less of a target? Crime Prevention Expert, Jim Perez, shared the trends happening out west and making their way to the East Coast and how you can avoid the problem.  (0:00)

2. Amid the alleged ballot box stuffing lawsuit playing out in court, we continue to focus on the Bridgeport mayoral election. Lamond Daniels will be on Line F on election day. He shared his campaign platform, vision for education, and plans to restore government trust in the Park City if elected to be the next mayor. (13:12)

3. Every two years, Fairfield CARES conducts surveys to see if middle and high schoolers are abusing substances like alcohol, marijuana and vaping. Program Director, Cathy Hazlett, shared the data that proves substance abuse among teens is on the decline. However, mental health challenges are on the rise. (28:45)

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