Melissa In The Morning: Decreasing The Digital Divide?

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Melissa In The Morning: Decreasing The Digital Divide?

We aren’t talking grandparent scams…a new study found America’s youth lost a record $210 million to online scams last year. That’s up 2,500% since 2017; the largest increase of any age group. Kristen Johnson with BBB shares tips to better protect our kids from internet scams. (0:00)

Next week is Fire Prevention Week and the Red Cross shared the importance of testing your smoke alarms. We also got an update on the national blood shortage. (14:16)

Stratford planners are granting approval to what is expected to be the town’s first adult use marijuana store: C-3 Industries. We asked Dan Onofrio of the BRBC about the impact of this on Stratford and the surrounding community businesses. (26:27)

This week is national digital inclusion week. What does that mean and how are local libraries closing the digital divide? Bridgeport Librarian, Elaine Braithwaite, shares what the city is doing. (37:27)

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