CT Humane Society Pet of the Week

CT Humane Society Pet of the Week

Good morning! 

Thank you to the folks that came in this weekend! We had a high adoption weekend, and all the young kittens went home!

Today I want to talk about some of our long timers that we have had for going on a year. We have mentioned them in the past but I want to highlight them together.  Cottonball, Oliver, Gwen, Biggie.  Different animal species so I’m hoping one is perfect for you!

Cottonball is the cuddly rabbit who is very dog like! (You just don’t have to walk her!) 

Oliver is a chill senior pig who also likes to be cuddled. 

Gwen is probably my favorite office cat! Keeps you company but understands when deadlines are due and will give you space but still keep an eye out for


And Biggie who hasn’t been here too long but due to his high energy and medium size hasn’t seem to be able to find his next home. 

A brief description on them but give us a call or come on down and we will continue talking about how wonderful these critters are!