Melissa In The Morning: Examining The Coworker Generational Disconnect

Happy mature executive assisting her younger coworker who is working on a computer in the office.

Melissa In The Morning: Examining The Coworker Generational Disconnect

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and according to national statistics, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the US. Deb Greenwood with The Center for Family Justice shares the uptick in cases in Connecticut and resources available to people impacted. (0:00)

As of October first, many Connecticut laws went into effect, including several laws changing the rules of the road. Alec Slatky of AAA shared the changes that many drivers may not realize now need to be considered before getting behind the wheel. (16:40)

A new Low-Income Discount Rate will be available for some Eversource customers in Connecticut beginning in December 2023. Depending on their household income, eligible customers will receive 10% or 50% off their electric bills per month. Vice President of Customer Operations, Jess Cain, explained the program and what you should do if you DO NOT qualify. (32:17)

Gen Z this, Gen Z that. How this youngest generation enters the workforce has been a popular talking point for some time. But that kind of over-attention means older workers often get forgotten. What should employers do to better engage older employees? And how can older workers stay competitive in today’s job market? Career strategist, Julie Bauke, talked about the value of older workers and how to continue focusing on them, not just young workers. (40:20)

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