Melissa In The Morning: Wagering New Locations

Cropped shot close up of male fist clenched with triumph in front of laptop screen. Man celebrating money win at bookmaker's website, his bet played.

Melissa In The Morning: Wagering New Locations

The state opened its newest sports betting venue in Hartford and another one is set to be announced in Bridgeport soon. We thought it was a great time to check in with the CT Counsel on Problem Gambling. Find out why they are seeing an influx of calls and who seems to be struggling with gambling addiction the most. (0:00)

A millionaire property developer has issued a brutal wake-up call to ‘arrogant’ workers. Gurner Group CEO Tim Gurner argued the pandemic changed the attitude many workers had towards their jobs.. Gurner said employees needed to remember they worked for their bosses — not the other way around. Career strategist, Julie Bauke, says why this backwards thinking is not going to work out for employers much longer. (13:32)

Change is inevitable, but naturally, people aren’t good at it. Counselor Julius Dudics shared why change is hard for people and how we can cope with the anxiety paired with change. (28:07).

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