Melissa in the Morning: The American Red Cross Makes A Change

Melissa in the Morning: The American Red Cross Makes A Change

The American Red Cross national blood supply has fallen to critically low levels and potentially threatens the medical care of patients with an emergency need for blood or those living with critical conditions. We got the latest detail on this from Trevor Riggen, President of Humanitarian Services of the Red Cross. He also commented on the impact of the FDA guidelines updated expanding the donor pool. (0:00)

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and national statistics show suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in America. Where do these thoughts of death come from? How can I help someone I love who struggles with depression? Counselor Julius Dudics tackled the topic with advice. (8:50)

AAA’s annual Your Driving Costs study found that the annual total cost of new car ownership (including insurance, fuel, etc.) comes to over $12,000 which is a big increase from 2022. What affects the cost of ownership and why is it so expensive? Alec Slatky explains. Also, Alec talked about how gas stations will survive and adapt as more vehicles become electric. (23:07)

The ongoing rising inflation coupled with recent cuts in social programs have forced more Connecticut families to face food insecurity. One statewide non-profit organization – Gifts of Love- is helping to feed and clothe individuals and families in 41 towns in the state. We spoke with Lisa Gray, executive director of Gifts of Love, to tell us about all the activities that her charity is doing for September National Hunger Action Month. (33:41)

Image Courtesy of The American Red Cross