Melissa in the Morning: School Safety

CCTV Security monitoring student in classroom at school.Security camera surveillance for watching and protect group of children while studying.

Melissa in the Morning: School Safety

We are in the midst of back-to-school season and we want to talk about safety inside and outside of school. Bridgeport School Resource Sgt. Tresha Parks gave us insight to what is done in the city outside and inside the building. ((00:00))

There is no such thing as tick season; ticks are in Connecticut all year round. What should parents do to make sure ticks aren’t impacting their kids on the playground and what products can be helpful to prevent tick bites? Our tick expert, Jessica Snajder, shared information on all of this. ((15:32))

Science You May Not Know: Don’t miss the Blue Supermoon TONIGHT! ((30:32))

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