Melissa in the Morning: Gamechanger for Nonprofits

An unrolled and unravelled roll of green admit one coupon raffle tickets for lottery or raffles of charity or entertainment prizes. One side is the winning ticket in a drawing.

Melissa in the Morning: Gamechanger for Nonprofits

An archaic state law on the books was really impacting churches and non-profits across the state from raising money through raffles and partnering with other entities. Senator Ryan Fazio shared how one Greenwich church brought this to his attention and he worked with Senator James Maroney on fixing the problem. ((00:00))

There are THREE types of bad bosses out there who you need to look out for. Career strategist, Julie Bauke, told us the three types and how to handle them in Julie on the Job. ((12:38))

We spend all this money and count down the days forever just to stress during a vacation. How do we stop doing that? And how do we get back into a routine after vacation ends? Counselor, Julius Dudics, shares insight on both questions. ((27:31))

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