Melissa in the Morning: Behind the Scenes of Recalls

Blurry interior of a grocery store aisle behind large red Recall text

Melissa in the Morning: Behind the Scenes of Recalls

This summer, two national recalls impacted cookie products; one impacting Trader Joes and the other from Nestle. But how do impurities like rocks or woodchips end up in food products? The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection gave us professional perspective on what could happen at manufacturing plants to trigger recalls. ((00:00))

We have a consumer alert! Beware of credit and debt assistance companies. The Better Business Bureau shared how some of these “middle man” companies provide false advertisement to customers and others are straight up fraudsters. ((14:53))

We are down to two weeks for businesses to sign up for or opt out of MyCTSavings. Comptroller Sean Scanlon explains the program and why it’s a good option considering Connecticut law requiring retirement options for employees. ((26:57))

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