Melissa in the Morning: Back in Hot Water

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Melissa in the Morning: Back in Hot Water

In the latest blow for SeaQuest at the Trumbull mall, the USDA cited it for having insufficient distance and barriers between an animal and the public. PETA got its hands on agency’s inspection report and shared the details on this latest complaint. Michelle Sinnott also shared why such a controversial chain company is still doing business if it’s so bad. ((00:00))

The latest travel scam targets people doing a google search for an airline’s phone number because of a cancelled or delayed flight. Fran Mayko of AAA explains what’s happening and how to detect a fraudster airline number. Also, she touched on adjusting Hawaii travel plans due to the wildfires and the specifics of the new European Travel Visa Requirements are expected to start in 2024. ((16:45))

According to national studies, up to 25% of parents will experience empty nest syndrome. With kids heading off to college this month, counselor, Julius Dudics, shared what you can do to grieve properly and move on with your life without the kids at home in a healthy way. ((32:53))

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