Melissa in the Morning: It’s Electric!

Electric car ev charge station vector concept. Electric vehicle charger energy background neon battery illustration.

Melissa in the Morning: It’s Electric!

Governor Lamont wants all automakers to sell electric cars by the year 2035. But is it too lofty a goal? We asked the governor about that and many other state matters including elder protections, affordable housing options and teacher shortages. ((00:00))

The Flynn Foundation, located in Stamford, is making waves in the oncology and palliative care front in our state. The founder, Fred Flynn, shared the mission of the foundation, what it has accomplished in the last ten years and goals for the future. ((16:01))

Concerns over redistricting and reconfiguring schools are heating up in Fairfield. The district needs to approve a redistricting plan no later than October 30th of this year. Senator Tony Hwang, who represents the town, shared why an archaic racial balance law is to blame for the potential changes. ((30:53))

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