Melissa in the Morning: Lithium-Ion Battery Extinguisher

Lithium Ion battery caution sign. Flat style. Isolated.

Melissa in the Morning: Lithium-Ion Battery Extinguisher

A Connecticut company partnered with another to create the world’s first lithium-ion battery fire extinguisher. We spoke to Rodger Mort with PACT about the product, the partnership behind it and why it matters in today’s world with all of the lithium-ion battery product at risk of starting a fire. ((00:00))

Another hearing was held in Washington DC over the concerns of artificial intelligence. In order to put safeguards in place, Senator Blumenthal says lawmakers need training and an oversight committee should be formed for the country. ((14:03))

Governor Lamont is touting that over 500 residents are now ambassadors spreading the good news about manufacturing jobs in the state! Paul Lavoie is the Chief Manufacturing Officer in our state and shared more on the ambassador program and debunked misconceptions about this line of work. ((27:06))

Election season is heating up in the city of Bridgeport. Jeanette Herron is the incumbent city council member for the 133rd district. She shared her platform and hopes to keep her seat, despite facing a well-known name in the city. ((38:08))

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