Melissa in the Morning: Highlighting Human Trafficking

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Melissa in the Morning: Highlighting Human Trafficking

There’s a lot of buzz around the release of the new movie ‘Sound of Freedom.’ The film highlights human trafficking and how big a problem it is in our world. We spoke with the founder of non-profit Partnership to End Human Trafficking (PEHT), Elizabeth Koldyke Boolbol. She shared human trafficking statistics in Connecticut and what we need to do better to eliminate the problem. ((00:00))

Bridgeport Police revealed new crime statistics in the city showing shooting crimes are down compared to last year. But not everything in the crime report was something to celebrate. Hear more from Chief Roderick Porter. ((15:44))

The Trumbull Mall is the latest Connecticut mall to impose a weekend curfew starting next month. We gained insight on the decision from BRBC President, Dan Onofrio. ((24:47))

In recent months, air travel troubles are now looking at the air traffic controller shortages nationwide. We spoke with a travel expert about worker shortages and other issues for the airline industry. We also got tips to minimize headaches at airports. ((35:07))

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