Melissa in the Morning: AI in the Workforce

Robot writing a letter among giant stacks of paper. Artifical intelligence technologies concept. Flat vector illustration.

Melissa in the Morning: AI in the Workforce

The writers and actors in Hollywood are still on strike and one of their biggest concerns surround artificial intelligence. For writers, they worry AI will replace them for script jobs. And for actors, they worry AI versions of themselves will be used without their permission and without making more money. We talked about AI in the workforce more generally and whether there will be hiring discrimination in the future with employment attorney Gary Phelan. ((00:00))

According to the National Marriage Project, more and more people in their 40’s don’t want to get married. In fact, the number of couples in that age range NOT putting a ring on it is at an all time high. Counselor Julius Dudics reacts to these facts and turns to a dynamite tool that can help build confidence in relationships. ((13:44))

Bye, bye birdie! Twitter is ditching the blue bird icon and Instagram has rolled out a new program called ‘threads.’ What’s up with both of these changes? We spoke with social media consultant Krista Carnes. ((27:55))

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