Melissa in the Morning: Flooded Farms

A farmer stands in his flooded maize field with rubber boots. Extreme weather such as torrential rain, causing more and more crop failures.

Melissa in the Morning: Flooded Farms

Dozens of Connecticut farms are struggling to recover after recent flooding in our state and across New England. Ag Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt gave us a picture of the problem and shared how we can help support our farms. Check out for more information. ((00:00))

There’s been an increase of people experiencing dry eye or getting a stye this summer. We learned the Canadian wildfires are to blame. Dr. Scott Spector shared prevention and treatment options to help! ((14:31))

A Connecticut company has created a one of a kind, innovative toilet seat to secure older adults and people with disabilities. SedMed CEO and Founder, Jeremy Bronen, shared the product details with us and what consumers think of the product available for pre-order now! ((22:29))

Zoo Minute: It’s Zookeeper Week! Gregg Dancho talked about the job requirements and how the role has changed over the last 30 years. ((32:42))

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