Melissa in the Morning: Military Bargaining Chip

Detail shot with american flag on soldier uniform, giving the honor salute during military ceremony

Melissa in the Morning: Military Bargaining Chip

Are politicians really trying to push their agendas using the military as a bargaining chip? It seems that way! Overnight, the House voted 221 to 213 to overturn a Pentagon policy guaranteeing abortion access to service members regardless of where they are stationed. It comes just days after the Marine Corps General stepped down leaving the military branch without a confirmed leader for the first time in more than 150 years. Congressman Jim Himes shared his thoughts on the situation. ((00:00))

This week, the LPGA is hosting a women’s championship golf tournament in Milford. Hartford Healthcare orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Irving, talked about a common golf issue: needing hip surgery. What does that procedure require, are there ways to prevent needing the surgery and can you ever return to the course after a hip replacement? Find out here! ((11:31))

It’s the weekend!! We found out from the Office of Tourism that the biggest jazz fest in New England is happening in Hartford, the first ever Pizza and Brewfest is coming to Connecticut and one of the oldest craft expos in the country is back in Guilford! Get the details from Anthony Anthony. ((24:13))

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