Melissa in the Morning: This Sounds Shady

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Melissa in the Morning: This Sounds Shady

Earlier this week, PGA Tour officials were grilled for a three-hour hearing in Washington DC. The committee overseeing the hearing wants to better understand the recent announcement of a PGA and LIV merger. The subcommittee chairperson is Senator Richard Blumenthal. He spoke to us about the hearing. ((00:00))

A new initiative has been launched by the Milford Food Bank to help homebound individuals in need of assistance. The Milford Food Bank now has a mobile food van delivering to seniors in need. We heard about the problem at hand and how people can help. ((14:23))

Native plants can help birds better deal with change. Tom Anderson from CT Audubon Society shared why planting trees in your yard can be life changing. ((26:00))

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