Melissa in the Morning: Game Changer Drug

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Melissa in the Morning: Game Changer Drug

The FDA is granting full approval to a potential breakthrough Alzheimer’s drug. Leqembi is the first drug proven to slow the memory-loss disease. Other approved drugs only target its symptoms. We spoke with one of the investigators behind the hefty clinical trial around this drug, Dr. Sharon Cohen, as well as one of her patients who has been trialing the drug. ((00:00))

Several Connecticut volunteers with the American Red Cross are heading to Vermont to help following the catastrophic flooding. We got the details on the upcoming deployment and also spoke about water safety this summer, with John Godin. ((06:40))

Pizza and Brewfest is coming to the Hartford Healthcare Ampitheater. It’s the first of its kind festival in Connecticut. We spoke with BRBC President Dan Onofrio about the Amp and how it’s become a model of maximizing space for an outdoor venue. We also touched on the kickoff of an annual farmers market and a big change for Bridgeport Islanders’ hockey coach. ((19:00))

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