Melissa in the Morning: Donny Osmond is Coming to CT!

Melissa in the Morning: Donny Osmond is Coming to CT!

We had the honor of an exclusive interview with legendary artist and performer, Donny Osmond. He spoke with us one week ahead of his national tour, kicking off in Waterbury, Connecticut. We spoke with him about the show, what audiences can expect and more about his six decades of work. ((00:00))

According to national statistics, 72% of caregivers are providing help to a parent or grandparent. That relationship shift from child to caregiver can strain family relationships. Counselor, Julius Dudics, provided help to cultivate healthy relationships and adjust to new roles. ((07:48))

Now that the US Supreme Court has struck down the Biden Administration’s plan to cancel or reduce student loans, what’s in store for borrowers, saddled with high student loans? We learn about a way to steer through student lending and loan repayment plans thanks to AAA. Don Kerr explains. ((19:14))

According to The Wall Street Journal, young workers are talking about sex more often at work. Have the rules on what’s appropriate to discuss with coworkers changed? And how should you respond if a coworker starts talking about their sexual activities? Julie Bauke of Julie on the Job addressed these questions. ((27:22))

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