Melissa in the Morning: Amazon Prime Scammers

Men entering credit card information using laptop computer keyboard. Online shopping concept

Melissa in the Morning: Amazon Prime Scammers

SCAM ALERT! This week, the two-day annual Christmas in July sale is back for Amazon Prime members. Ahead of the online sales, Kristen Johnson with the BBB shared red flags to look out for to better protect yourselves from scammers. ((00:00))

We recently experienced some severe heat in Connecticut. It’s important to understand heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as the signs, symptoms, treatment and prevention tactics for both. Dr. Andrew Wong of Hartford Healthcare spoke about all of this. ((13:59))

There’s a new state police law surrounding traffic stops. What’s in the law? Is it necessary? And what does this mean in regards to false reports? We spoke with law enforcement expert, Gary MacNamara, about it all. ((27:44))

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