Melissa in the Morning: Beyond Hot Car Danger

Close up kid hand touching fabric made sunshade in the car side window

Melissa in the Morning: Beyond Hot Car Danger

For summer safety week, we profile the importance of never leaving a kid or pet in a hot car. Fran Mayko of AAA shared the average temperatures in a hot on a hot day, even with the windows down. ((00:00))

Retired Lt. Jim Perez shared the Connecticut law on the books prohibiting parents from leaving children 11 and under in a car alone, even with the air conditioning on and the car locked. Find out why the law was put into place and the consequences based on where you park your car and leave your kid. ((17:51))

Earlier this week, the Connecticut Department of Transportation released its Action Plan to address commuter needs for buses and trains. Josh Morgan talked about the recommendations and changes for service. We also addressed the controversy of cutting Metro North rail service. ((25:13))

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