Melissa in the Morning:  Employment Scams

Finger at "SCAM ALERT" On Keyboard Button

Melissa in the Morning: Employment Scams

The Better Business Bureau is warning job seekers about employment scams. A new report shows early figures for 2023 show job scam reports nearly tripled compared to the same period last year. What do these scams look like and how can you protect yourself? Kristen Johnson of BBB shares insight on this. ((00:00))

According to US data, 1.6 million adults and 283-thousand children in the U.S. have type 1 diabetes and those numbers are expected to surge over the next 4 decades. So, how can we slow the surge and better control the issue at hand? Dr. Rebekah Gospin with Stamford Health shared why obesity is a key factor in the problem. ((14:11))

Zoo Minute: Gregg Dancho tackles bobcat 101 and shares information about tortoises back on property. ((23:04))

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